LH Coaching

The Lion Heart Coaching philosophy was created to embrace the incredible and influential impact coaches have on their players’ lives both on and off the field.   LH coaching is geared to help youth coaches focus on their coaching purpose…. To model core values, build trusting relationships, teach sound fundamentals, and ignite a passion and respect for the game in all athletes.  The Lion Heart commitment creates a culture of mentorship, integrity, leadership, and personal accountability for all coaches involved.  It is our belief that coaches can have a profound impact in influencing young athletes to develop high standards of sportsmanship, integrity, discipline, and leadership that can be applied in all areas of life.

 Our Lion Heart coaches work to channel the competitiveness and passion in each athlete’s heart to reach their full potential athletically, emotionally, and spiritually.  These Lion Heart principles hold our coaches to the highest standard of personal conduct as they model these actions to their players.

 What started off as an idea to help raise the standards and practices of a small group of coaches, has become a wide spread commitment of many coaches who are passionate in their journey of shaping the lives of players.  The Lion Heart focus is on helping coach the coaches of our children and to help them instruct, model, and influence the men and women our children will become.


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