Player Commitment

For more information about becoming a LION HEART Coach and/or Player, please contact Michael Gilbert via the contact form on this site. 

As a Lion Heart Player, I will Commit:

  1. To be a servant leader who models character and integrity in my actions and words;
  2. To selflessly put the best interests of my team first;
  3. To acknowledge my role as a student of the game therefore respecting my coaches and obeying their instruction;
  4. When necessary seek advice and guidance from my coaches and teammates to help me perform my role on the team to the best of my ability;
  5. To always use good sportsmanship (by respecting the game, teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials)…especially during bad times.
  6. To have the strength to face weakness, the courage to face fear, the grace to accept honest defeat, and the humility and gentleness to accept victory;
  7. To having dreams and setting goals;
  8. To play with all of my heart while using my God given abilities to be my very best;
  9. To be a student of the game and prepared to learn proper technique and execution for any and all positions requiring my gifts on the team;
  10.  To praise teammates for playing to their ability, not for being the best player, and to reserve serious criticism privately;
  11.  To having fun;
  12. After I have worked hard to accomplish all these things, I pray, for the wisdom to step back out of the limelight so that the world only see’s me as a member of my team where my gifts are but part of the path that led to the building of a Champion.

I sign my name below and commit to my family, my teammates and coaches, the parents and opposing teams that I will strive to adhere to the foregoing, and strive to be a servant leader and a Lion Heart Player.